New Bike Racks Coming Soon!

It’s hard to go anywhere on campus without seeing bicycles, and with more people choosing bikes as their favorite way to get from A to B, more bike racks are needed so that bikes can have a safe place to relax and socialize while their owners are hard at work (or play) on campus.To help facilitate better bike parking options, 17 new racks
are being installed on campus. The goal is to make sure that all new bike parking is consistent with APBP guidelines, so that bikes have appropriate support and space while parked, cyclists have adequate locking options and bike parking locations are conveniently located near building entrances – or at least closer than the closest parking space for a car.These 17 racks will provide more than 230 new spaces for cyclists to park near academic buildings on campus. Some of these racks have been placed on existing concrete surfaces, but many of the new racks will require fresh concrete – so it’s taking a little bit of time to get all of them in place. When these new racks are in place, there will be more than 4000 bike parking spaces on campus.

You can check out the VT news article on the racks and also see a PDF map showing the locations where bike racks have been (and will be) appearing this fall.

The new covered bike shelter being installed on the north side of Patton Hall has been funded by revenue from the Bike, Bus and Walk CAP permits. The rest of the bike racks have been funded by a grant awarded by Student Organization Sustainability Initiatives (“Green RFP”) and special projects funding from Facilities Services.

Improperly Parked Bicycle

If you don’t see a space at the closest rack, look at the next rack over. With more than 4000 parking spaces for bikes, there is probably a spot within 200 feet – and you’ll still be parking your bike closer to the building than you could legally park a car.