The Best Parking in Blacksburg

Several weeks ago, I needed to go to the University Mall at about 6:30 p.m. I was running late and drove my car. I spent more time trying to find a parking space than I spent driving from my home to the lot. This served as a reminder for why I don’t typically drive there (or most popular places in town): it takes too long to park.

If you’ve driven downtown or to the Math Emporium at the University Mall during the evening or any time during a football weekend, you might have noticed: convenient parking can be hard to find and you might end up walking at least ¼ to ½ mile to your destination.

Because of this, I renewed my commitment to bike to these locations – no matter the weather nor time of day. Why? The best bike parking spots are easier to find and much closer to my destination than the spots for cars, and I can always find a good place to park my bike.

This Google Map shows the locations of all the bike racks that I’ve seen near some popular Blacksburg locations, but by no means is complete. It also shows a snapshot in time: the map was current as of Fall 2011, but construction and renovation projects in retail areas often contribute to bike racks moving to new homes, or new racks can get installed. There are also several bike racks that are located at small offices and apartment complexes that aren’t included on this map.

Some of these racks are really popular and often you might not be able to find a space (the bicycle rack near Bollo’s comes to mind), so it’s good to note some other racks to check out that aren’t too far from your destination.

Also, there are more campus maps at the maps and routes page (including an interactive bike facility map), but below we’ve got a quick glance of your campus bike parking options (some are very close to downtown, as well).

Happy Cycling!