I am thankful for Zimride


As you finish up your final assignments for the week, thinking of ways to get back home during break could be stressful. But don’t worry, Virginia Tech Alternative Transportation has brought Zimride to our campus!



Zimride is an online carpooling and ridesharing service that caters college campuses. It is a social rideshare community that allows you to quickly find other drivers or passengers who are traveling along the same route.


But, how do I sign up?

Well, as long as you are a Virginia Tech student, all you need is to student PID and password to long into the system. Once you log in at http://www.zimride.com/vt/, you have the option of posting where and when you would like to travel. If you cannot find anyone on zimride website that you are able to carpool with, don’t worry; once Zimride automatically matches you with updates on potential rides that are similar to what you are looking for.


Is it even safe?

For sure! I have personally used Zimride many of times to go home or simply to get away for the weekend. Since only Virginia Tech students are allowed to post and search for rides, I feel much safer knowing that the person I’ll be driving with is a student like me. Plus, once you create a profile on Zimride, it gives you the option of connecting it to your facebook page, so whether you are a potential driver or passenger, you can look at the facebook profiles of the people you are traveling with.

Overall, Zimride is definitely a stress-free alternative to carpooling your way to your desired destination.