Welcome to the Wheels in Motion at Virginia Tech blog! This site was created to serve as a resource for Virginia Tech community members who ride bikes. The greater purpose of this site is to provide an online hub for information useful to bike commuters, recreational riders, and anyone affiliated with Virginia Tech who is interested in bicycles, travelling by bike, or any type of bike culture. Visit us for information about biking on campus, bike commuting, bicycle community, events, or other (you guessed it) bike related news.

Virginia Tech promotes the use of bicycles as a form of alternative transportation which enhances the University’s goals for a more sustainable campus. Alternative Transportation, a department of Transportation and Campus Services, focuses on encouraging alternative modes of transportation, including bicycling, on campus.

Here in Alternative Transportation, we are working hard to make Virginia Tech more bike friendly, and continue to improve infrastructure, communication, and education to promote a community of conscientious cyclists and other travellers on campus.

Questions or comments?
Email: kathrynz@vt.edu

Learn more about AT and our other commuter programs: http://www.facilities.vt.edu/tcs/alternative/