Emergency Bike Kits


Bike with Flat, Angry, Tire

Emergency Bike Kits are Available on Campus!

Each kit contains:

Kits contain bike pump, tire levers, tube patch kit, wrenches, and a multi-tool.

Kits are available at 4 locations during their normal operational hours

Newman Library Circulation Desk
Squires Information Desk
War Memorial Gym Equipment Desk

Perry Street Parking Garage

How to Check Out a Kit:

Bike Kit Instructions

While we are happy to make these supplies available to campus commuters, we strongly suggest avoiding mechanical problems and flats through preventative maintenance (such as through this advice or this other advice) and also carrying what you will need to remedy these problems should they occur far from home or campus (such as advised here). We also suggest you learn how to fix common mechanical problems (through a source such as this or from the local bike shops, organizations, or bike-coop) Should you not take this advice, make sure to travel with a well-stocked, fully charged cell phone, a few extra bucks, and some creative ingenuity.