Bike Repair Tutorials

Resources for Getting the Most out of the Emergency Bike Kit

If you currently have possession of one of the Emergency Bike Kits and a non-functioning bicycle, but can’t seem to solve your problem, we’ve compiled a list of resources and videos that can help you figure out how to fix your bike and get home (or at least find additional help). We try to keep these links updated, but as the internet is constantly changing, we can’t guarantee that they’ll all work when you need them.

Local Bike Shops (Mechanics, Parts, etc)

Bike Barn (directions from Perry Street Garage, Squires, or War Memorial Gym)
(540) 443-9960  (424 North Main Street)
East Coasters (directions from Perry Street Garage, Squires, or War Memorial Gym)
(540) 951-2369 (1301 North Main Street)
Hokie Spokes (directions from Perry Street Garage, Squires, or War Memorial Gym)
(540) 552-7765 (145 College Avenue)

Mobile Apps with Bike Fixing Tuturials

Bike Repair App for iPhone/iPad and Android  ($)
Bike Doctor App for iPhone/iPad and Android ($)

Wheels/Tires/Tubes highlights wheels/tires/tubes of a bicycle

Removing and Installing a Rear Wheel (from
VIDEO: removing rear wheel (Ehow)
VIDEO: removing front wheel (Ehow)
VIDEO: fix a flat (Ehow)
VIDEO: Make a Boot to fix a Busted Tire (YouTube)
VIDEO: applying patches (Glueless patches @ 1:59) (Ehow)
VIDEO: how to properly inflate a tire (Ehow)
IMAGE: how to use the pump in the emergency bike kits

Derailleurs/Gears/Chain highlights bicycle derailleurs, cassette/freewheel, crank

Rear Derailleur Adjustment (with pictures and instructions)
VIDEO: Fixing common issues with the rear Derailleur (YouTube)
Front Derailleur Adjustment (with pictures and instructions) (from

Brakes highlights locations of brakes

Information on types of Caliper Brakes, terms and adjustment (including
brake shoe/pad adjustment) with pictures
(from Sheldon Brown)
VIDEO: Adjustment of Caliper Brakes (YouTube)
Adjusting Cantilever Brakes including pictures and definitions (from Sheldon Brown)
VIDEO: Adjusting V-brakes (YouTube)
VIDEO: Adjusting Disc Brakes (brakes rubbing) (You Tube)
VIDEO: How to tighten brakes (Ehow)

Seat/Saddle/Seatpost  highlights locaiton of bicycle saddle and seatpost

VIDEO:Adjust/Tighten Seatpost (YouTube)

Don’t See What You Need?
Try the ParkTool site
Or poke around on Jim Langley’s site

And, for next Time, Remember…
Regular maintenance, even just pumping up your tires once a week + a semi-annual tune up, helps to prevent problems on the road. Mechanical parts that are properly adjusted and lubed don’t typically malfunction. Properly inflated tires are less likely to flat. It doesn’t take extreme amounts of time or money to keep your bike functional, and you’ll have fewer bike crises (which waste your time and money). Also, educating yourself on how to fix common bike crises will help you get back on the road when unfortuate mechanical problems occur.